Exhibitor Information Page


Authentic Publishing (A Division of STL)
Advancing the Christian Faith

Cindy Brady
129 Mobilization Drive
Waynesboro, Georgia 30830

706.554.7444 (fax)

STL US publishes under the imprints of Authentic and Paternoster. Since the acquisition of OM Literature, Gabriel Publishing has become a part of Authentic. Authentic offers resources intended to engage the global community in relevant issues of mission, evangelism, discipleship, and Biblical studies while Paternoster continues its 70 year tradition of publishing books for the thoughtful Christian reader. Authentic is also the publisher for World Vision. Our Mission is to expand God’s Kingdom through the publication and distribution of Christian literature, as well as to support overseas ministries and assist ministries in developing nations with obtaining quality Christian resources.

Bible League
God’s Word in Action

Lisa Sochacki
PO Box 2800
Chicago, Illinois 60628


The Bible League’s ministry goes beyond providing the Scriptures people need. We make sure those Scriptures are used for evangelism, discipleship, and church growth. That’s what makes the Bible League unique.

We work with local churches in more than 50 countries, teaching them to draw seekers into Bible studies. In 2005, Christians trained by the Bible League gathered 3,354,265 people into small group Bible studies.

We do not consider our mission completed until new
converts are enfolded into the fellowship of a church. Last year, 468,338 new Christians became church members as a result of our ministry.

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company
Insuring America’s churches and related ministries

Mike Ummel
6400 Brotherhood Way
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46825

260.482.7709 (fax)

Founded in 1917, Brotherhood Mutual is committed to providing quality property, liability, workers’ compensation and commercial auto insurance for churches and related ministries. If you’re sponsoring a short-term mission project, we also offer an innovative foreign liability and travel assistance program. Passport to MinistryŽ includes valuable insurance benefits and a package of medical, personal, travel, and security assistance services.

To learn more, visit our Web site at www.brotherhoodmutual.com

Christians in Action

Bob Spencer
Po Box 728
Woodlake, California 93286


Presently Christians in Action has over 300 workers in over 20 countries around the world. Ministries include evangelism, discipleship, church planting and leadership training as well as disaster relief, medical missions, self-help projects, orphanages, Bible schools, pre-schools and day schools.

Deeper Roots Publications
A leader in short-term mission devotional journals

Howard Lisech
2100 Red Gate Road
Orlando, Florida 32818


Deeper Roots Publications has been producing and supplying countless individuals and short-term mission teams with focused, culture-shock sensitive and reentry stress sensitive devotional Bible study materials for years. We have been thrilled as we hear comments similar to this from many participants: “How could you know I would be struggling with this particular issue on this particular day? Today’s devotional was just what I needed. THANK YOU!” We have supplied churches and organizations with some of the most inexpensive yet effective pre-field, on-field, and reentry materials available since 1989. We also produce over 25 different “CUSTOM Editions” which allows an organization to insert their own logo, message, and contact information on the first two pages of each devotional.

DELTA Ministries International
Change a life… a church… the world

Brian Stark
PO Box 30029
Portland, Oregon 97294

503.669.3779 (fax)

DELTA Ministries International is an interdenominational evangelical organization specializing in Short-term and Mid-term missions by supporting the ongoing work of local churches nationwide. The mission of DELTA Ministries International is to be the CATALYST in shaping the character of individuals for the purpose of long-term personal change and world impact.

DELTA can facilitate logistics, budgeting, insurance and travel arrangements and/or provide on-site, hands-on, practical training for your short-term mission team. DELTA’s training focuses on character development, team building and cross-cultural preparation.

Eastern European Outreach
Sharing the Love of Christ since 1980

Danielle Janssen
Po Box 685
Murrieta, California 92564


We are a missionary organization committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of Eastern Europe. We have identified certain groups with special needs, and we focus much of our attention on them:

1. At-risk children and their families, often a solo mother trying to raise many children.
2. Orphans, including “social orphans” whose parents either abandoned them or had their parental rights revoked by the State, usually for abuse.
3. Inmates of the harsh Eastern European prison system.
4. National pastors who are seeking to plant Bible-believing churches. Many of them face persecution from governmental authorities or the State-sanctioned church.

We use whatever means available to us to help others in the name of Jesus.

Footsteps Missions
Equipping churches to make a unique impression on world missions

Becky Shultz
PO Box 51744
Palo Alto, California 94303

650.327.1707 (fax)

Footsteps Missions is a non-denominational organization whose ultimate goal is to train, equip, and educate fellow Christians who have a heart to serve Christ as short-term missionaries. Footsteps designs and coordinates short-term missions and educational trips for Churches, Christian organizations, and individuals. The trips vary in length from 1 to 4 weeks and are specially designed to work alongside and support a local ministry on a foreign field.

Gospel for Asia
Reaching the Most Unreached

Cody Carnine
1800 Golden Trail Ct.
Carrollton, Texas 75010

972-300-3349 (fax)

Gospel for Asia’s vision is to train and send native missionaries in to the most unreached areas of Asia. By God’s grace 16,000 native missionaries are now serving and planting 10-12 churches daily. Gospel for Asia operates 54 bible colleges on the Indian subcontinent, where 8,000 students are training for full-time ministry. You can help sponsor an Asian brother or sister for $30 per month–100% goes directly to the field! An exciting free book is available that shares how the Lord is moving in Asia. The reports we receive from the field often sound like the books of Acts.

Please visit www.gfa.org for more information and to request your free book.

Health Teams International

Gerald Roussie
2608 W. Kenosha, Ste. 425
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012


Health Teams International (HTI) is a registered charitable organization of Christian healthcare workers who offer free medical clinics around the world, concentrating on Unreached People Groups. One of the highlight mission trips just completed was to North Korea–and experience that resulted in an emphasis on the value of our freedom. HTI uses free medical clinics as the medium by which doors to closed countries are opened; however, evangelization is our main thrust. Nurses, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, optometrists, pediatricians, and audiologists all play a major role, but the work of the lay individual cannot be understated. More information about our recruitment procedures is available at our booth.

HIS Foundation
The Henan Medical Ministry

James Lau
PO Box 2638
Fullerton, California 92837


The medical need for the people in the rural areas in china is huge. The Henan Medical Ministry helps to provide free medical and dental care for those who otherwise would not be able to receive treatment.

India Partners
Partnering with the people of India in ministry

Shae Hastings
PO Box 5470
Eugene, Oregon 97405

541.683.2773 (fax)

Partnering with the people of India in ministry by cultivating relationships, sharing resources, and encouraging self-sufficiency through the compassion and wisdom of Jesus Christ. India Partners is a U.S. Christian development and relief organization committed to supporting self-help ministry projects in India. We believe in helping the people of India help themselves, with God’s grace. Our partner organizations in India serve all regardless of caste, religion, gender, or creed. India Partners helps through development assistance, training local leaders, disaster relief, and education. India Partners also coordinates short-term teams, speakers, and sponsorship programs.

Initiatives International, Inc.
Short-term experience…Long-term impact!

David Jensen
5401 W Broadway Ave
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55428

763.535.9559 (fax)

Initiatives International, Inc. is an inter/nondenominational organization that provides full service cross-cultural experiences for individuals and groups interested in partnering with ministries around the world through short-term mission trips and educational opportunities that are mutually beneficial to hosts and visitors.

Joshua Expeditions
Dedicated to bring the world to students and the Gospel to the world.

Joshua Expeditions
6350 LBJ Freeway Suite 152
Dallas, Texas 75240

1-877-603-9817 (fax)

Joshua Expeditions is a non-profit Christian organization founded for the purpose of assisting schools and churches in bringing the world to young people and the Gospel to the world. Joshua Expeditions, JE, has been providing purpose-filled educational travel and mission trips for over 9 years to Christian schools and youth groups from all over the country. They offer a wide variety of trips around the world from Europe to Africa, from Costa Rica to Alaska, from Washington DC to New York. All of their trips are customized to fit your private group and incorporate mission opportunities, educational sites, and a touch of fun activities. Simply select a location under JE’s world network of ministries, select the length of trip for your group, and let JE take care of all the planning.

Experience a get away that is designed to mean something.

Daniel Kibe Munderu
5214 Trail Lake Dr.
Houston, Texas 77045


Discover the beauty of AFRICA. KENYA ADVENTURES TOUR AND SAFARIS/DANVELO TOUR provides complete tour & safari packages as well as travel and
accomodation arrangements. From CAMPING SAFARI TO LUXURY SAFARI, we provide you with the most enjoyable, enlightening, and life-changing experience imaginable.
In addition,we also provide fascinating tours of neighboring TANZANIA AND UGANDA to make your adventure as complete as possible. Take a voyage to the land of origin and discover a new beginning. Look at the package on line.

Kuffel, Collimore & Co.
Worldwide Medical Insurance

Cecille Brechin
1761 South Naperville Road, Suite 105
Wheaton, Illinois 60187

630.221.1453 (fax)

Kuffel, Collimore & Company is a professional Independent Insurance Agency, established in 1947. With 60 years of experience and expertise in insurance. Sponsored by the National Association of Evangelicals (since 1991) providing worldwide health insurance for missionaries, workers and their dependents. Kuffel, Collimore & Co. is able to provide its customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your best interests are our biggest concern. We look forward to serving you!

LEAMIS International Ministries inc.
Leadership & Missions

Gail Drake
PO Box 709
Monteagle, Tennessee 37356


LEAMIS International Ministries is an interdenomi-national evangelical Christian organization with the specific purpose of equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry through leadership development and missions training.

MTS Travel
The North American Leader in Church, Mission, Relief, and Development Travel

Wenda Zimmerman-Nelson
9440 Philips Highway
Suite 3
Jackonsonville, Florida 32256

904.288.0489 (fax)

For 50 years, MTS TRAVEL has provided travel solutions for clients around the world. One of our experienced travel consultants from one of 13 offices nationwide can do the same for you. Now with on-line booking for our special mission fares– go to www.mtstravel.com

Outland Travel, Inc.
Your Travel Specialists

Lew Brammer
PO Box 2255
Collegedale, Tennessee 37315


Outland Travel is a full service travel agency specializing in group and mission travel.Mission companies, youth leaders, pastors and individual travelers have relied on Outland’s professionalism and experience for over 15 years.

Outland Travel takes pride in offering a wide range of travel services such as ski packages, cruises, family and honeymoon packages, but what Outland is most well known for is being able to negotiate UNBEATABLE GROUP RATES on domestic and international airfares.

For your next group or mission trip our professional staff will be eager and ready to assist you in obtaining the lowest fare possible.

Raptim International Travel
Your Ambassador to the airlines of the World

Brian Purser
145 North Fourth Street
Lewiston, New York 14092


Raptim Travel is the global leader is discount international airfare and services for missionary, church, NGO, and humanitarian travel. Our services and specialized airfares have benefited many over the past 57 years, and to this day we remain focused on serving those who serve the world. Please visit our web site at www.raptimusa.com or contact us directly. We look forward to serving your travel needs!

Reign Ministries

Rich Peil
5401 West Broadway
Crystal, Minnesota 55428

763.535.9555 ext 717

Sowers International
The Greatest Mission on Earth

Victoria Johnson
5410 Carol Drive
Torrance, California 90505


Our vision is to sow the Word by raising up, equipping, and sending out workers into the harvest. We believe that the world can be changed by the power of Jesus Christ, one person at a time! Our passion is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all of the earth in such a way that it will be received and bring people out of darkness and into the light.

STEM Press

Rachel Norman
PO Box 386001
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55438

952.996.1384 (fax)

You’re running your own great short-term mission program—but  still need books or training videos or field manuals for your teams. We specialize in publications and resources that will help you build an effective short-term mission program. And almost every resource is available at a discount!

TechMission Inc.
Transforming Communities Through Innovation

Christiana Gunn
670 Washington Street
Dorchester, Massachusetts 02124


TechMission is a Christian non-profit social service organization with the mission to support Christian organizations in using technology to transform vulnerable communities. We were formed in 2000 to support Christian community computer centers across the world in their effort to provide access, skills and relationships needed to succeed in the information age.