Financial Stress – sexual health and erectile dysfunction

The Scientific Link between Money Woes, Stress and Sexual Health

Your body may be a resilient machine capable of dealing with an incredible array of ailments, but it is also a delicate organism that can weaken over time or when exposed to consistent levels of stress. One of the leading causes of concern relates to money – or a lack of it – and when these events arise, it won’t take long for your body to begin experiencing unsavoury consequences such as stress. These increased stress levels, especially in men can lead to sexual dysfunction and relationship breakdowns. (For more see Viagra & sexual health)

Stress & Sex Hormones

As most finance experts and medical practitioners might tell you, stress can be one of the most potent factors that can take a toll on the human body. From reducing your energy right through to impacting your emotions, pressure from a loss of cash flow can take a huge toll on your lifestyle – and this can be even worse for those that are struggling to make ends meet.

Men have reported a huge decline in their sexual performance and potential for arousal, and women have suggested that their periods have become far more unpredictable. After extensive investigation, researchers did find a scientific link between stresses and money worries – and unfortunately, it’s not good news for anyone that experiences these events for prolonged durations.

How money stress could be impacting your life

Most people dream of a luxury lifestyle, where money isn’t a concern and they are able to fly around the world, or buy a beautiful home and enjoy their free time. But unfortunately for many, this will only ever be a dream. For those that work to live, money isn’t always easy to come by and this is why stress levels take such a toll on the working class.

Although most people consider stress to be a fleeting feeling, the reality is that the emotion is only felt as a result of adrenaline release – and with this comes the complication that so many people feel when dealing with their finances. Dopamine in excessive amounts can detract from your sensibilities, making you feel mildly unaware of your situation, and the truth is that the feeling is not unlike that of being intoxicated.

This may seem like a good thing to some, but as most will realise alcohol in the blood can take a major toll, and the same can be said for high volumes of adrenaline. So, the more stressed that you feel, the more prone you can be to developing anxiety disorders and depression – and in extreme cases, even physically debilitating conditions.

And as more dopamine makes its way around your body clogs can begin to form, which can lead to a reduction in blood flow. As you will likely understand, less blood means a heightened risk of conditions such as heart failure, stroke and even erectile dysfunction (all as a result of money worries maximising stress felt within the human body).