On Saturday afternoon, you may choose from two elective courses if you desire a more intensive workshop that will immerse you in the subject of your choice. These courses are taught by specialists and allow for interaction.


    • The Next Mile – Brian Heerwagen
      There are vast resources for preparing an effective STM but little exists for post-ministry follow-through. In this pre-conference workshop, we’ll expand the boundaries of what follow-through can be, explore follow-through ideas and resources, determine the levels of need for returning short-termers and therefore the degree of follow-through required and we’ll look at what a short-termer should look like or do after they return home. In addition, we’ll look at the new Next Mile curriculum. The Next Mile is a collaborative effort of mission agencies and organizations joining together to address the “Black Hole” of short-term missions with resources for effective follow-through.


  • Connecting STM Teams to Address the Bigger Issues – Jeff Johnson
    How is it that we address the bigger issues in our context such as racial reconciliation, justice, poverty, AIDS: How does it connect to STM teams and what do we do with it?