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VSMA are a leading personal finance company working across Australia providing their clients with honest and open financial advice, which is tailor-fitted to their clients’ needs. VSMA work together with their network of affiliates providing their clients with services which range from personal and investment tax minimisation, debt reduction, personal investment strategies, and retirement planning. VSMA have helped thousands of Australian citizens to secure and develop their financial prospects, and their testimonials are outstanding. Whatever your financial goal, their team of experts work hard to continually improve your finances so you can enjoy things in life that matter most.

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Managing personal finances is a complex process that should be handled in a manner that ensures that you first achieve financial stability and then progress to financial growth in accordance with your strategic financial goals. If you are unsure about the best way to handle your finances, you can consult with a financial adviser who will be tohelp you to develop a strategy for investing your money and making sure that your finances are well protected.

Developing financial stability

Developing financial stability through managing your personal finances helps you avoid bad debt and allows to create the groundwork for investing in your future leading to peace of mind, good health and a solid mental health wellness strategy.

Financial stability takes time and dedication, starting with creating a sound budget by controlling and tracking your spending and utilising automatic transfers to build up your savings over time by depositing a fixed amount each month into a savings account.

By having a budget, you can keep track of your spending allowing you to make wise spending decisions and avoid spending more than you have. By using good quality personal finance apps you stay on top of your budget allowing you to achieve a savings goal for an emergency fund. You can use this money to pay for small expenses that come up unexpectedly.

Personal accounting and money management

Managing your personal finances can be a daunting task as there are many products and services out there designed to assist you with your financial needs, many of which even allow you to automate your monthly bill payments to save you a little extra cash.

The main objective of personal accounting and money management is to understand and manage your financial well-being, including knowing your finances, making a budget, and planning for your future. Identifying and managing your liabilities allows you to get ahead and frees up spare cash to develop strategies for making good investmenst. Even your current banking provider or other financial institutions you deal with may currently offer money management services.

Developing an investment strategy

The first step in the process of developing a good strategy is to determine your personal objectives which will help you achieve your goals while avoiding some of the more common pitfalls. The best way to go about this task is to employ the services of a qualified adviser. You’ll also need to do a little bit of legwork to find the best possible match for your personal financial profile, but once you find one that you trust, and who understands your needs – it can be a goldmine.

Retirement planning strategy

Having an effective retirement planning strategy is essential to help you make the transition from a busy successful career to enjoying good life in retirement with full financial freedom. A retirement plan can help you protect any assets you have aquired during your working life and ensure that you have the spending power you will need to maintain a good independant quality of life in retirement.

This kind of strategy starts with an initial financial assessment allowing you to determine your current financial situation, learn about the best financial strategies moving forward with confidence that you can meet your goals

Once you have developed your plan, it is important to make sure that you follow it.

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VSMA provides personal finance services to individuals and businesses while focusing on the whole picture, including tax minimisation, investment, and debt reduction. VSMA also works closely with a network of affiliates and partners to provide clients with the best possible financial advice.

The laws pertaining to taxation, investment, and finance in Australia are complex and always changing especially in relation to SMSFs meaning that information and advice presented on our site should not be construed as specific recommendations and must always be backed up by a personal consultation with one of our experts. VSMA is a market-leading personal finance agency that offers a range of services including debt reduction, mortgage brokerage, and investment services, retirement planning and tax minimisation planning.

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