Apprentice (Basics/Foundations)

This track focuses on the “prepare” function–the nuts and bolts fundamentals. These workshops include the Big Picture so you can get an overview of the subject. (Open to All)

ABC’s of Training Your Team
Andy Horvath, Eastern University
This workshop will provide an overview of the essentials of team training prior to a STM. Expect to cover the basics with a practical bent. It will be particularly useful for the first time trainer and for those who are too time pressed or stretched to cover every angle with their team.

Eight Principles of STM’s from a National
Steve Reed, Partnership Ministries
Eight Principles for a successful short-term mission trip will be
presented. National leaders developed the principles as they hosted groups. The workshop will demonstrate how short term teams can effectively advance the growth of the national church that leads to economic development if they are done under the control and direction of national leaders and not North American agendas.

Experiential Cross Cultural Training for Short Term Mission Teams
Greg Robinson, Challenge Quest
Successful cross cultural experiences are the result of preparation. Teams need training to expose their own anxiety and assumptions as well as to become aware of the cultures they are going to visit. This workshop will explore a number of experiential initiatives that can teach or illustrate what it will take for a team to have a successful experience.

In Country Meetings
Phil Williams, Gordon College
You’ve worked hard preparing the team for the trip, but now that you are there, what are your responsibilities as a leader? Often teams have wonderful training before they go, but once on-site, the team meetings lack purpose. Leaders feel they should have meetings, but are not quite clear as to what the meetings should do to compliment what the team is experiencing. This seminar will examine the following regarding team meetings while in the country: the value, the purposes, the structure, ideas that work and ideas that don’t, the most common mistakes, and the leader’s role in team meetings.

Interviewing: Selecting the Best Team Possible
Kara Bergstrom, Trinity Western University
Ever been duped in an interview? Often, the team member you just loved in the interview can cause serious problems on the field. How does that happen? Mission organizations are quickly catching on to the essential importance of screening their applicants. Join this fast-paced workshop to learn which questions you should ask in every interview and which ones don’t help at all. Have fun doing role plays and bring your own stories!

Nuts and Bolts for Short Term Mission Teams
Trish Sawtell, Hope Fellowship
We can all envision the life change and relationship building that can come from a great STM experience. And there is much intentional planning and strategizing to be done in order to create this environment where God can be at work. Whether you are using a missions organization or planning the trip on your own, this seminar will cover key components related to planning and implementing a mission trip. Find out how to keep track of the details, equip your leaders, foster spiritual growth and create an atmosphere of mutual learning as cross cultural relationships are built.

Recruiting Your Team Members
Kara Bergstrom, Trinity Western University
Recruiting your Team: Let’s be Honest!

As a former marketer, I know the temptations of “selling” a missions trip. More team members generate more buzz, more passion and can even be a source of more income for your organization. But, as Christians we have a responsibility to be ethical and honest in our promotion of missions. Join this fun, hands-on workshop and learn some practical ways to recruit that don’t compromise your values. Bring your own stories to tell!

Support Raising: Marketing or Discovery?
Brian Heerwagen, Delta Ministries
The first question most short-termers ask is, ‘How much will the trip cost?’ How do we go about funding these short-term mission trips? Is it okay for people to just pay for the trip themselves? How can we motivate and mobilize our church family to pray, encourage AND give? We’ll look at why support raising is important and creative ideas to help our short-termers raise the funds for their trips.

Taking Your Short-Term Team into a Muslim Culture
Marti Smith, Initiative360 (formely Caleb Project)
Is it really OK to take your STM into a Muslim context? The answer is, of course, yes! Choosing to do so is a great way to help people take the next step in understanding and loving some of the world’s least evangelized peoples. But STMs can and should function differently in many Muslim cultures. Though the rules are not the same from one context to another, this seminar will discuss the proven principles as well as nuts and bolts of taking your team into a Muslim culture – including safety and security concerns, dress and behavior, facing fears, discovering ministry opportunities, and responding to restrictions we may face in relationship building, evangelism, service, and how we identify ourselves. Come and bring your questions. Let’s explore them together.

Team Building with your STM Teams
Gail Drake, LEAMIS International
People who participate in STM teams should be fruitful AND fulfilled within the team experience. Many people who go on trips reach only a minimal level of relationship with the team because they have a membership mentality instead of a team player-ship mentality. This workshop will help you learn how to create a team environment that helps team members to maximize their short-term mission trip experience and to be fruitful and fulfilled team players.

The Anatomy of a Team Leader
Darryl Smithgall, Footsteps Missions
Are you a first-time leader hoping to avoid the mistakes of past short-term trip leaders? Or maybe you are an experienced leader that feels lacking unless you are able to know all the flora, fauna, historical, geographical, political, social, and music trivia for the country you are visiting while cheering up a team member for TV withdrawal? If so, then this seminar is for you- 10 practical keys for being an effective, culturally sensitive leader will be shared along with examples, tips, and tricks to encourage your team to soar in their global service.

The Importance of Debriefing
Trish Sawtell, Hope Fellowship
Have you ever wondered how you can help your group take their experience and what they have learned with them after the mission trip is over? Learn some ways to help your short term mission experience leave a long term impression. Debriefing is important to help your participants wrestle with, process and evaluate all that they have encountered on the trip. Help bring about a desire in your participants to continue to be involved in short term missions as well as a lasting awareness of what they have experienced and where they have grown.

Theological Foundations of Why We Do Short Term Mission Trips
John Dix, Grace Church Glendora
If you believe that STM is just another “fad” that will soon be gone then you are in for a surprise. The church as we see it in Acts has been doing STM long before the movement hit the landscape of our shores. Is it really a biblical issue? Why is it here to stay? How is it suppose to work – biblically and theologically? Who cares? Why bother? You will want to bring your bibles to this seminar. After all, though we believe in Short Term Missions we serve a Long Term God!

To Do or Not To Do: Tips for Starting Well
David Jensen, Initiatives International, Inc.
We’ve all heard of the potential benefit of STMs. And we certainly want to do STM well. But availability and good intentions alone may not be enough to guarantee “success”. In this Apprentice Level workshop, we’ll take a look at some of the most important “tips for starting your STM well.” We’ll also tell some stories and perhaps talk about a few things you may want to avoid.

Truth or Consequences: The Reality of Conflict
Phil Williams, Gordon College
Whether we want to admit it or not, conflict is a regular part of our lives. We respond to it in many different ways. Failure to deal with conflict, especially on our STM teams, can have tremendous consequences. This workshop will explore healthy, helpful, biblically based ways of dealing with conflict between others and ourselves.

Conference Tip:  Networking with other missions enthusiasts will dramatically enhance your learning and fellowship at NSTMC.  Make the most of the formal and informal times (breaks, meals, round tables, etc.) by making the extra effort to meet and talk with other participants.